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Bill Copeland

Bill Copeland is a historian and writer with varied interests. He has studied and conducted extensive research into the Holocaust and World War II, specifically the war as it was fought on the Eastern Front.

His studies have also involved field research and studies into the culture and lives of Native Americans, inheriting from his parents a compassion for the indigenous populations of the Americas and the world.

He began writing fifteen years ago following a heart attack and by-pass surgery.

He has dedicated these years to writing and developing his skills. He has had several short stories published and many poems. He has been a consistent award recipient at the annual National Writers Association novel contests, receiving three awards out of the top five for his Cossack Saga novels.

Ashes to the Vistula is his first published novel and it reflects hours of research filling the manuscript with details and historical background to accurately portray life in the tumultuous years before and during the war. The novel has been nominated for the 44th annual GAYA Award.

Future Novels and works from
Bill Copeland:

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A Trilogy of Another World
The Clurichauns of Greene County, The Light People, & Menepiahs

Sea Mysteries:
Mystery of the Mary Celeste
& Mr. Christian
The Warriors:
A Trilogy of American History
Joshua, Obadiah, & Daniel

The Cossack Saga:
Lovers in Exile, New Quests, Betrayal, A New Beginning,
New Century: Time of Peril, & Dangerous Times

The Games of Youth:
Interviews with Children 18 to 100
The Beauty of Names
Eva's Rubicon

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